GEMCO Digital Convertors are dedicated for industrial applications in which good static and dynamic performance and independent controls of speed, acceleration, torque, tension etc. are essential.

Various special features include :

  • Auxillary transducers controls, encoders, inputs, dancer arms, load cells etc

  • Choice of several operating & control modes

  • Automatic management of operating sequences

  • Serial communication with a PC or Gemco Video Keyboard.

  • Serial communication amongst various drive units for cascade / coordinated control

  • Various Programmable inputs and outputs :

  • 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Analogue Inputs

  • 4 Digital Outputs and 2 Analogue Outputs

  • Independent auxillary 24V DC power supply, allows use of wide range 3 phase supply, 110V-500V AC

  • Speed feedback from Armature Voltage tachogenerator or pulse encoder

  • Drive for multiple motors Machines with internal management of special function as:

  • Tension controls with Diameter calculation, inertia and friction compensation etc

  • Synchronisation of sectional Drives with Draw / Ratio control


GEMCO Convertors are equipped with in built protection against various abnormalities with clear indications. Various alarm levels programmable through serial line include :

  • Wrong sequence of three-phase line phases

  • Insufficient three-phase line voltage

  • Excessive three-phase line voltage

  • Phase currents unbalancing (Fuses Failure / Current Ripples)

  • Integral current thermal motor protection (over loading)

  • Minimum field excitation current

  • External motor protections (ventilation, thermostat)

  • Excessive converter temperature

  • Unbalancing between reference and motor speed

  • Unbalancing between armature voltage and speed

  • Synchronism ramps error

  • Thyristor firing pulses error

  • EEPROM writing error

  • Wrong parameters in EEPROM

  • Wrong control circuits supplies